“Behind every revolution, there’s one man with a vision.” – James T. Kirk (Star Trek)

North Carolina Skies: Tales of Astronauts in Chapel Hill is a forthcoming book about Tony Jenzano, a man with a vision. He was the third director of the Morehead Planetarium–the first planetarium in the American South, the first major planetarium on a college campus, and still (due to constant upgrades and well-trained staff) one of the most advanced planetariums since its opening in 1949. More importantly, Tony saved the lives of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronauts by training them in that planetarium star dome.

Looking for the documentary film Astronauts on the Front Porch? Production was halted in mid-May 2018 and there is currently no plan to resume this project.

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Doubling Down on Writing

In order to have more time to focus on writing books about Morehead history, I have discontinued the documentary project for now. You who supported the documentary, I appreciate and deeply value your kind words, sage wisdom, and willingness to give financial support either on Kickstarter or on Indiegogo. If you pledged financial support, note … Continue reading Doubling Down on Writing

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